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Liz's Reflexology saved my life!


I cannot recommend Liz enough. My wife and I have been to many massage therapists, and she is BY FAR the best. She is superbly talented and meticulously detailed in her work. When I badly pulled a back muscle running, I couldn't walk upright for days. I went to see Liz for one hour, and she released all of the pain and tension. She re-aligned my body and taught me stretches to stay loose. She healed me! PLEASE see her for aches, pains, and stress relief. 



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I have been getting massages on a regular basis for more than 20 years.  Liz is one of the most effective massage therapists I have ever been to. Her approach is specific to my needs.  I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia and Liz has helped me significantly.  She knows what to do to reduce my pains and many times eliminate it completely.